How to choose the right marketing manager for your business?

How to choose the right marketing manager for your business?

A good time for engaging marketing managers is when we notice that our own forces do not achieve the desired results with the sale through site and social networks. In doing so, we have 2 basic options, to engage a marketing agency, or a fee. We consider that the fee is an absolutely better choice, because if you find the one you need and who is right for you, you will suffer significantly less costs and you will get a dedicated and responsible person you are the only or one of a few clients, unlike agencies that are equally important , and which have dozens of clients.

Who are the marketing managers and what exactly are they doing?

Nowadays, and in most cases, the main role of marketing managers is related to Internet marketing, which is therefore a very broad concept. However, what is implied is that this person actively manages social networks and a website, on behalf of a particular business. By investing in an adequate person in this position, you get someone who has a deep understanding of social networks, and who can present you in the ways that are most relevant to your target group. Depending on the type of business, the marketing manager has the following responsibilities:
It represents your business on social networks to customers, partners and the public
Maintains the attention of your target group by regularly releasing the content that is relevant to it
It responds regularly to the messages and comments of your target group
Creates genuine content that can include photos, videos, or text
Actively monitor trends and news from your industry and thus improve the image of your business on social networks
It designs a social networking strategy as part of a comprehensive strategy for reaching the desired customer manages short-term campaigns and advertising
It analyzes the results of your campaigns and reports on the data that are relevant to your business

Tip: Your social networks are the online kingdom of your business. Work with your marketing manager and do not allow the content to be placed without your approval. It's important that you have access to all channels of advertising, that you have an administrator role on all accounts, and that you are referred to everything related to your business.
Do they really need you?
Social networks and advertising channels enable us to stay online, communicate with customers and stay competitive. They can set us apart from other businesses dealing with similar things. Before you decide to sail into these waters, you need a bit of searching and setting clear goals and priorities.
What is your brand? - Your presence on the web is an extension of the existing brand - it's not just about its appearance, it now gets its tone and the emotions you want people to feel when interacting with it. Keep track of who is following you and paying attention to these people - it's a great chance that each person becomes your client or customer.

What is the scope of your business? - Marketing projects generally start with a "creative brief", that is, a document that provides insight into the information needed to advance your business, such as a description of your company, project, target group, or any specific needs of your business. It's always better to start from a smaller goal or project instead of giving the marketing manager complete management of social networks.

What is your goal? - Yes, we all want viral announcements, which will celebrate us overnight, but the fact is that the need for effort and enormous work is needed for adequate presentation on social networks and results in the long run. Set aside time to explore your basic goals and search for the presence of competition on social networks.

Whether you really need a social media manager is a very often question that entrepreneurs and company owners ask, but from all of the above, we can conclude that it's a better question - what can a social media manager do for you?
How to choose the right SMM for your job?
It is certainly not easy to find the right social media managers, because in addition to all the knowledge, it needs to become part of the team, and to have an adequate cooperation with everyone. However, keep in mind that your future marketing manager should possess these features:

A passion for what he does

When choosing the right partner for your job, you need to choose the one who is passionate about this business. Social networks and the Internet are changing and improving on a daily basis, and only those who really love their work will be able to learn daily and follow trends in this field.
Knowledge, thorough and broad enough
Today we all use social networks, but for business you need a person who knows their work from a business perspective. One is to cheat with friends, and completely start another campaign on FBA, which can change your business.
You need a creative person, whose posts will be interesting and attract the attention of your target group. He does not have to be a magician, but he must know how to keep this attention with his originality. ??

Your future marketing manager must be ready to do multiple things at the same time - as much as you plan, things on social networks, as well as in life, take place quickly and have to be reacted. He must be ready to simultaneously juggle between parallel conversations, networks, and activities.
Take a look at the previous works of the contributor, with whom you want to work: with whom they have collaborated and how long. Consider the tone of their posts on social networks, content, and results achieved.
Would he fit into your business?
If your answer is yes, it's a great chance that you have found the right person for your business.

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